Who will benefit from our “Christmas miracle drop-off campaign”?

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Meet the children from our target community

Most of these kids are orphaned and some of them have been abandoned by their fathers, leaving highly increasing numbers of single jobless, and helpless mothers. Many of these children

A day in Uganda

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If you have watched one of our videos or seen the pictures from the years 2020 and 2021 you should already have an idea of how and who benefits from our “CHRISTMAS MIRACLE DROP OFF CAMPAIGN “.

If you have read our storyline as well you are on the right path to our deepest understanding of who should benefit from our “CHRISTMAS MIRACLE DROP OFF CAMPAIGN “, but if at this level you haven’t still figured it out, just keep reading down.

So for all we know Christmas season is the season when every store in the world makes its highest sales, it’s the closing of the year and this gives every business owner the to get to the point of their highest profits. We’re all busy running up and down to the stores to buy something special for a loved one as a Christmas present because as we all know “it’s the season of sharing loving and being with family “. But have you ever consciously realized that as much as we’re all busy running to the stores to buy that lovely present for our loved one, there’s someone out there in the world whose only wish is to be able to just have a decent meal with their families! oh yes if you have never imagined that, please take a step back and think again.

We took our time with our local volunteers from Uganda to search for a needy community, it took us more than 13 hours on the bus, half an hour on a ferry, and finally, we arrived in Obongi district, a very humble countryside where teenage girls are taped and left pregnant by drunk irresponsible men, their children are left for streets walking bare feet and starving their ways through the days, due to drought these kids are left to drink water from the famous river Nile, water that is green in color due to the sewage system that runs straight through the river leaving children and families to suffer from excessive diarrhea and frequent deaths of infants due to malaria and hunger. Every single person in this community needs assistance, right from essential needs to educational, social, emotional, and self-developmental equipment in a long term.

As we observed the agony in this community and imagined how the rest of the world ran around the globe to find fancy presents for their families and friends, we felt the need to share some kind of relief with this disadvantaged community during Christmas season by supplying them with foodstuffs that we believe should assist them for some weeks to come, and to ensure that this relief gets to them, we made it as well our yearly program to spend our Christmas celebrations with this community in person and also to give us a closer understanding of their lives and culture. We welcome everyone that would wish to spend their Christmas with us in northern Uganda as we extend the spirit of Christmas and love to our humble community

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