Meet the children from our target community

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A day in Uganda

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Most of these kids are orphaned and some of them have been abandoned by their fathers, leaving highly increasing numbers of single jobless, and helpless mothers. Many of these children as you can see in the pictures wear torn-up clothes some of them walk around naked because they have no clothes, wearing shoes in this community is a luxury that 99% of them don’t have. Attending school is a privilege that can only be afforded if one can buy themselves scholastic materials.
You have to imagine if someone fails to afford a meal for their children, how on earth will they afford the luxury of sending them to school? , after watching all that’s happening to these kids you can’t help but feel a deep shame for humanity, how part of the world eats and sleeps comfortably while another part of the world seems as though they’re not part of the same planet. It’s such an unbelievable reality.

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