Who did we help in the summer of COVID-19

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Meet the children from our target community

Most of these kids are orphaned and some of them have been abandoned by their fathers, leaving highly increasing numbers of single jobless, and helpless mothers. Many of these children

A day in Uganda

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As we all were trying to keep calm, trying to survive and navigate through the worst times of our lives “Covid 19” times, one of my dear friends that I knew was stable enough and lived a more or less comfortable life, some that owned his own travel company during the normal times, all of a sudden he wrote me asking to ask me for a favor that he somewhat was embarrassed about, I insisted that he didn’t have to be embarrassed for whatever it was I could understand, I went into a quick shock when my friend asked me to help him with 20 dollars for him to feed his family for at that time he had completely run out of food supply.

As shocked as I was by his request I couldn’t help but think to myself “if my somewhat fairly comfortable friend would run out of food supply, then what about those vulnerable people that are normally surviving on just one meal a day “, Immediately I asked him to take a walk around his neighborhood and paint me the picture of how other people were surviving. The outcome was heartbreaking until this day it’s difficult for me to grasp the reality of this world but again my question as always was “what can I do to help” in these videos, you will be able to see different stories of families that were on the verge of death by hunger hadn’t we arrived at the time we arrived with a gift of just 13 dollars for every family.

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