Our Team

Promise Graf-Rutamu


Promise Graf-Rutamu grew up in Uganda in very humble circumstances and has made it her mission to create a better world for children in similar situations. For that purpose, she founded Promise2Uganda as a charity association in Switzerland and a charity foundation in Uganda. Thanks to her roots in Uganda she has created a network of trusted local volunteers that make sure every donation ends up exactly where it should; improving children’s lives.

Quote: “When I was a child I waited for somebody to come and rescue me and give me a normal life, but unfortunately nobody came. Now, I want to be that person for the children that are still out there waiting for somebody to come”

Chris Jon Graf

IT & Finances

Chris Jon Graf grew up in Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world. He feels privileged and grateful for the lifestyle and the opportunities he was given and therefore has a strong desire of wanting to impact other people’s lives in a positive way in order to give back.
He is the CEO of both a Marketing and Digitalization Company and makes sure, all the needs from Promise2Uganda in these areas can be realized as donated services or procured at a very low cost.

Quote: “I want to do everything I can, so that the money that is raised for Promise2Uganda ends up where it is supposed to be, improving the lives of children in Uganda”