Our Vision

What is Promise to Uganda?

Promise to Uganda is a non profit organisation aimed at building schools that offer free and quality education to orphaned kids in uganda.

 We’re committed to building a skillful community where by our high school students will have different possibilities to achieving their goals. 

We are tasked to raise enough funds to equip our community with all the necessary materials to enable our students full access to modern and world class skills.

Develop the human potential

After 18 long years of both junior and high school, the school system in Uganda is that you’re supposed to go to university in order for you to be able to find a decent job afterwards. At least 400,000 graduate each year at the various public and private universities. 

Unfortunately only 150,000 jobs are created annually leaving an estimated 350,000 potentially jobless. This is because the system concentrates more on what’s written in the book rather than finding someone’s potential and boosting it.

 As we want to educate kids from a young age, we don’t want to push them to a certain level only to leave them hanging with no chance of finding a job and living their lives. 

Support and build the community

We want to build a community that allows them to live to their full potential by creating different job training centers  whereby by the time they leave our community they’re ready to either start their own dream business or find their dream job according to the skills they chose to specialise in. 

With this we will not only be giving these once hopeless orphaned kids a bright and promising future but we will be creating a whole different new generation with both the education and the skills they will need to go out there and elevate their own communities.

Our Story

My story

As a child I used to look at planes flying in the sky and always wondered how possible that was, how do they fly and stay up there!These used to be my questions each time I saw one up high in the skies. I was fascinated by what i used to think was magic, as i went on in my primary education i later realised that these planes were actually controlled by people and these people were called pilots. 

As soon as I learned about this I stopped wondering how they stayed up there and I started dreaming and visualising myself being a pilot one day and controlling those fascinating objects as they seemed. I dreamt every day of my childhood life and being such a bright kid as i was i knew my chances of achieving my dream were high. 


Taking you back a bit, I never saw my dad die when i was still a baby. So my mom was my only hope of achieving my dream of becoming a pilot and as I was about to finish my primary school tragedy struck and I lost my beloved mom and that was the beginning of the end of my dream.

My entire world was shuttered and my life has never been the same again, I was only able to stay in school for two more years after that and I was forced to drop out of school because there was no one willing to continue paying my school fees and i was left to wander the streets my entire teenage years. 

For many years I waited

The feeling of losing my mom, having no food to eat on a daily basis, having to wear torn clothes, sleeping on plain concrete every night having no shoes and living a peasantry life, these are memories that i have to deal with my entire life but above all things is the fact that my dreams died together with my mom, i never made it to being a pilot i was never able to control those huge fascinating machines.

 I used to sit on the roadside every day looking at passing cars waiting and hoping that someone might just come out of nowhere and take me with them and send me back to school. For many years I waited and no one ever came.

I want to HELP!

Right now i can proudly say that i came out of that deed lone hole, even though i never became a pilot at least i am still alive and i found an even more fulfilling purpose for myself. I want to HELP!

How can I help?

I want to go back in time and help my little self, the starving lonely and hopeless promise, i want to rewrite her story, i want to give her hope, i want her to feel that even without parents there are still good people out there that are willing to push you towards your dreams, i want her to feel safe and i want her to know that someone actually cares about her. I want to go back and pick her from the roadside where she used to sit and wait.

 I want to go get her and give her the life that she deserves. The only difference now is that she has multiplied and she is in huge numbers. There are still millions of little promises still living the exact or even worse conditions that i lived, my entire life i have searched what and how i can change this until i reached my conclusion, for as long as i live and as long as there are still compassionate human beings out there,

i am going to do whatever i can to change the lives of these little children, much as everyone is comfortably saying its not their fault that other people in the world are suffering, personally i take it to myself that it is my fault if i don’t do something about it and i think all of us as humans that have the ability to do something  to make this world a better place should feel responsible if we just fold our hands and stay in our comfort zones.